Jan (ai731) wrote in august_writing,

Bang the drum!

Hi everyone!

August is just around the corner, so it's time to ramp up for August Writing! Yay!

As usual, I'm going to ask everyone to spread the word, whether by linking to the post I've just made here; or just by letting people know what august_writing is and how it works.

I'd also like to say a great big Thank You in advance to rosy1 who will be helping me run the August Writing Challenge this year. I'm going to be out of town from August 1st to 5th (going to Kaleidoscope Gathering) and from August 16th to 19th (going to baronscartop's cousin's wedding in Toronto); so Rosy has very kindly agreed to post the daily exercises for me, and generally keep the ball rolling.

So sharpen your pencils, dig out your notebooks, find those bits of paper you scribbled brilliant story ideas on, and tell all your friends how much fun august_writing is!

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